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ControlPoint 3

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for SharePoint Administrators

Explore, Protect, Analyse & Control SharePoint

Some of the most common challenges administrators face today include: poorly managed permissions leading to security gaps, uncontrolled growth of sites and site collections, limited visibility into user activity, depleted or poorly utilised SharePoint resources, and the need to centrally control users, sites and site collections.

Introducing ControlPoint 3

ControlPoint 3 gives you the ability to explore, protect, analyse and control your SharePoint environment. Specifically, ControlPoint helps you gain better control through comprehensive permissions management, in-depth activity analysis, storage analysis even down to site lists and libraries, site and site collection analysis, and parametric search designed specifically for administrators.

With ControlPoint, you now have the facility to identify and manage the growth of sites, perform trend analysis on KPIs, as well as manage those sites within your own department. The result is you can restore order before your environment gets away from you. ControlPoint also lets you quickly identify problems and, even better, act upon them

ControlPoint Console

ControlPoint 3 benefits include:

 Establish better control through permissions management, making sure that only the right eyes see the right content

 Analyse and enforce the governance policies you have put in place
 Easily navigate to sites and perform any action or analysis

 Quickly identify problems within your SharePoint environment so you can correct them

 Fast and easy search to find and identify potential problems within particular sites, like those close to quota or those with unique permissions

 Security trimmed architecture allows administrators to manage their own sites while only seeing what SharePoint permissions allows