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XPlica for SharePoint powerful content migration

Need help moving documents between SharePoint Document Libraries and keeping all metadata then XPlica for SharePoint is the answer. OfficeTalk are resellers (and experts) of Vyapin's, XPlica for SharePoint, a powerful content migration solution to migrate contents between SharePoint servers. XPlica supports migration of site collections, webs, libraries, lists, documents, document properties, list items (including file attachments) and associated metadata, while retaining folder hierarchy, version history and user permissions to the desired target SharePoint server.


XPlica for SharePoint Migration table


•Consolidate and organize site collections, webs, libraries, lists, documents and list items between SharePoint servers.


•Apply complex migration rules to select, filter and move documents / list items and their respective versions.


•Apply new metadata, modify existing metadata or reclassify document content types during the migration process.


•Retain all original source date fields and author fields while moving to the new SharePoint server.


•Automate your entire migration process, with the ability to correct and rectify migration errors.




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