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OfficeTalk have a longstanding relationship with AvePoint and are an authorised reseller of DocAve. This SharePoint Backup and Restore software addresses the need for a fast, flexible, and intelligent backup solution for Microsoft SharePoint.

DocAve provides full fidelity backup and recovery, from an individual content item to an entire SharePoint environment and all of its farm-level components (including VMs), maintaining all metadata, securities, and version histories.

As with all AvePoint software, DocAve Backup and Restore leverages only fully supported Microsoft methodologies and API’s.

Key Advantages of the DocAve Backup and Restore

True Enterprise-level SharePoint Backup

Protect entire SharePoint environments, including all web applications, databases, WFE elements, and content residing in BLOB stores outside of SQL Server, leveraged by AvePoint's Storage Optimization solutions - DocAve Extender, Connector and Archiver. DocAve's full-fidelity backup includes all metadata, securities, version histories, and customized layouts. Unique granular backup scheduling - via the business-aware Criticality Matrix or the conventional scheduler - enables you to run backup processes according to your specific business needs or organizational timetables. Learn more about the Business Criticality Matrix.

Restore With Minimal Business Interruption and Data Loss

Quickly and easily recover all SharePoint components, databases, indexes, and configurations. Granular, item-level restores from DocAve or SQL Server backups via an intuitive timeline-based Restore Controller enables deft recovery of critical documents, sites or subsites directly to the original media. All restores of missing or corrupted content can be processed in a live SharePoint environment during your standard hours of operation.

Satisfy the Most Stringent SLAs

As SharePoint expands into a business-critical platform, organizations must meet increasingly high service level agreement (SLA) requirements, specifically recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO). DocAve Backup and Restore satisfies even the most aggressive SLAs by minimizing downtime, data loss, and restore times with unique InstaMount™ technology. Learn more about how DocAve responds to SLA requirements.

Reduce Human Errors by Simplifying Full-system Backup

DocAve Backup and Restore safeguards all SharePoint components regardless of where they reside and reduces complexity in any disaster recovery scenario by providing administrators with a holistic view of entire SharePoint environments, and a simple point-and-click approach to select components that need to be protected.

Streamlined Deployment and Simplified Management

Administration of all SharePoint backup, recovery, and management jobs (such as scheduling, monitoring, alerts, user account management, and software management across multiple SharePoint farms) is centralized in a web-based GUI. Multi-language support enables global deployment of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies. In most cases, DocAve Backup and Restore can operate on your existing infrastructure, so no additional hardware is required.

Ensure Data Availability and Integrity to Comply with Government Regulations

Full administrative interface, auditing, and granular error and backup process reporting to customizable user groups make SharePoint operations audit compliant. Backup and data retention functions help organizations comply with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) or HIPAA. See DocAve Vault for additional compliance options.